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On a day out or a weekend break, there are countless ways in which to discover the Eure’s heritage. The county in fact boasts an architectural heritage of the first order in France, with its many historic monuments, unusual edifices and architectural delights, plus botanical ones too. From our little village churches to Giverny, world-famous for Claude Monet’s Impressionist heritage, Normandy presents a thousand years of splendid historic sites. Our region has an exceptionally significant medieval architectural heritage. Also explore Normandy’s special rural heritage, including its traditional hedge-divided fields, or bocage, offering a direct visual link back through French history.

Cultural and historical heritage in the Eure

The Eure is a lovely corner of Normandy where heritage is present in the everyday. Head out to learn about French history here, from William the […]

Character-packed towns and villages

With little cobbled lanes, timber-frame houses and façades and thatched roofs… welcome to the Eure’s towns and villages, so packed with charm and […]

Museums around the Eure

Choose the types of museums you would like to explore around the Eure, depending on whether you wish to wander around, to dream, to discover, to be […]

Parks and gardens

The Normans are green-fingered! Thanks to their love of plants, we boast exceptional gardens such as that of Claude Monet in Giverny. Normandy is […]

The Eure’s historical and cultural heritage

The Eure has a great number of monuments, going from ancient times to the French Renaissance and beyond. For example, visit Evreux Cathedral and see its colourful stained-glass windows, but also, not far off, discover Gisacum, surely one of France’s least well-known archaeological sites. The Eure takes great care of its past. Putting heritage to the fore is a strongpoint in Normandy generally. Preserving our cultural heritage is a primary concern in this new century. Discover, with this selection, our destination’s rich architectural heritage – abbeys, châteaux, abbey churches, chapels and more.

Characterful towns and villages

With its remarkable French cultural heritage, the county of Eure is one of those French départements that look after their quaint villages as well as their historic towns with great attention. Linger in characterful villages such as Saint-André de l’Eure, villages along the Iton Valley, or historic fortified towns such as Verneuil-sur-Avre and Pont-Audemer. You’re sure to be enchanted by our two members of the association Les Plus Beaux Villages de France, Lyons-la-Forêt and Le Bec Hellouin, treasures of Normandy’s heritage. In the Seine Valley, riverside Vernon with its timber-frame houses is well worth a visit. Or, at Les Andelys, walk in Richard the Lionheart’s footsteps visiting the vestiges of his castle of Château-Gaillard. Bernay is a town awarded prestigious Ville d’Art et d’Histoire status for its historic buildings, many half-timbered. Out east in the Vexin Normand area with its rich heritage, be captivated by the legend of Templar treasure at Gisors, dominated by its great keep. Learn more about these historic centres and their heritage on guided tours or quirkier tours available across the year.


The Eure’s museums welcome visitors, presenting them with local heritage and Normandy treasures. Our French regional heritage includes many gems for you to unearth. Learning more about this heritage is simple in the Eure and our museums are geared to adults and children alike. The Eure’s cultural heritage displayed in these places proves extremely varied. From antiquity to the present day, via such timeless heritage as our typical Normandy landscapes marked by hedge-divided fields (the bocage normand), discover the historical sources of our diverse area. 

Parks and Gardens

The Normandy Region is renowned for its parks and gardens. We also put to the fore the heritage of our châteaux and manors. You can enjoy discovering many of the Eure’s architectural highlights while out wandering through parks planted with magnificent trees. Visit landscape heritage sites that have been preserved thanks to the dedication and skill of associations and enthusiasts. There are many hectares of gardens for you to explore on your next trip to Normandy.

Across our destination we’ve preserved a significant amount of natural heritage. The county of Eure has as a specific mission to look after our protected natural areas (espaces naturels sensibles) and contributes to the conservation of the Parc Régional des Boucles de la Seine Normande. This is a quite separate part of the region’s heritage, to be discovered with ease on walks with family or friends.