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The Eure is a lovely corner of Normandy where heritage is present in the everyday. Head out to learn about French history here, from William the Conqueror to Edith Piaf, via writers Pierre Corneille and Marcel Pagnol. Delve into Normandy’s medieval history, spanning 1,000 years, its great abbeys and castles bearing witness to exceptionally rich times.

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19 results

Our historical and cultural heritage is there for you to discover – remarkable churches, historic monuments, extraordinary religious heritage… Visiting our architectural gems you’ll learn many anecdotes and secrets. Make the most of guided tours around some of Normandy’s most significant spiritual centres, such as the abbeys of Le Bec-Hellouin, Bonport and Fontaine-Guérard, or then Evreux Cathedral. Explore major medieval military architecture, from Château Gaillard at Les Andelys to the keeps at Gisors and Verneuil-sur-Avre.

Don’t miss more local heritage either. Wandering through our villages, discover the many chapels and churches dotted around the Eure. In our countryside, seek out extraordinary manors and châteaux, going from Renaissance to Belle Epoque times. With family or friends, also enjoy the parks and formal French-style gardens often attached to these exceptional places.

Start getting to know the Eure’s heritage better right now! The riches of our monuments and the way they’ve been preserved are extraordinary, going from Vernon to Bernay via Acquigny and Beaumesnil. Book ahead now for a guided tour, a visit with commentary, or simply for your entrance ticket(s) by clicking here.