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What about discovering nature in a different way? Managed by the Eure County Council, our Beautiful Natural Areas are espaces naturels sensibles (ENS), or natural protected areas, that sustain a remarkably rich biodiversity.

Walking around Beautiful Natural Areas provides a unique experience, bringing you very close to nature. With the likes of wild orchids, carnivorous plants, dragonflies, butterflies, forests, limestone slopes, wetlands and much more to discover, each ENS has its own specific riches and a specific layout, allowing visitors to discover it in an educational but enjoyable manner while ensuring that visitor numbers remain respectful of the local environment.

Enjoy the many viewpoints afforded over the Seine Valley and along the rivers Avre, Iton and Risle. Discover France’s largest peatbog, the Marais Vernier, in the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional des Boucles de la Seine Normande, close to Pont-Audemer. Armed with binoculars, you might be able to follow the migration of birds found in the Eure at different seasons, such as storks, herons and owls. If you’re a keen ornithologist, organise a weekend in the Eure, going green, leaving the modern world behind, living as close as possible to nature.

As a family, rediscover the delights of setting out on a walk together, learning about your natural surroundings. Educational panels have been set up along our discovery and interpretation trails for you to understand more fully the importance of protecting the specific environment. From the exceptional Seine-side limestone cliffs around Les Andelys and Château-Gaillard to the forests and wetlands of the Eure’s plateaux, make the most of beautiful hikes in the heart of the Normandy countryside.

Every year, ‘‘Découvrez la nature dans l’Eure’’ (Discover Nature in the Eure) organises a programme of educational outdoor outings and activities to help you explore the natural riches of our beautiful Normandy destination.

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11 results