The Eure is renowned for its natural heritage and for working hard to preserve its major protected natural areas. Explore our remarkable forests and the riches of such habitats in the heart of our countryside. Along our valleys and waterways, ecologically protected spaces are open for family walks. Our Natural Parks (Parcs naturels) and Protected Natural Areas (Espaces Naturels Sensibles, or ENS) reflect the exceptional importance of nature conservation in Normandy. Reconnect with nature on a weekend or holiday in the Eure!

Discovery trails and our finest natural areas

Eure County Council oversees the conservation and promotion of our protected natural areas. The biodiversity here is painstakingly guarded by specific measures suitable for such natural habitats covering thousands of hectares. So, head out to visit our prairies and wetlands. Learn about the geological specificities of the Seine Valley’s limestone cliffs and slopes. Enjoy the surprise of exploring the Marais Vernier, the largest peatbog in France, at the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional des Boucles de la Seine Normande. In these unique fens, look out for Camargue horses, Highland cattle and cranes, some of the remarkable animals in the Eure’s Natural Park.

Forests and other natural sites

The trails through our remarkable natural areas are there for you to explore. The management and promotion of the Eure’s natural spaces involve the implementation of specialist know-how on a daily basis. Our rivers, forests and valleys are well cared for, making it possible for visitors to discover easily these natural areas located close to our traditional villages. The largest beech forest in France is to be found in the Eure; it presents a panoply of colours across the year and proves a delight for nature lovers. The county’s management of this and other natural areas, particularly its wetlands, includes provisions to allow visitors to explore such areas.

Animal Parks

The Eure’s animal parks play a part in the conservation of the entire planet’s ecosystems and allow you to discover endangered species. In aquatic settings, observe amphibians and crocodiles saved from animal traffickers. Biotropica, with its animal park by the Seine at Léry-Poses, participates in projects to encourage the reproduction of endangered species, for example.

Outings in nature

As regards nature outings, we can provide you with lots of ideas. Those working in our regional protected natural areas strive to conserve nature in the Eure’s valleys and fens. Find out about the natural sites to explore around Normandy, learning more about local flora and fauna. The Eure boasts a multitude of natural and plant riches that are there for you to appreciate. Enjoy a guided tour of one of our nature reserves, observing the variety of our plant species, wetlands and lakes. On intriguing family outings in the countryside, the Eure’s natural heritage is there for you to discover.