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The Normans are green-fingered! Thanks to their love of plants, we boast exceptional gardens such as that of Claude Monet in Giverny. Normandy is in fact recognised across the world for its gardens. With family or friends, make the most of going on invigorating walks in our lush countryside so enhanced by man’s efforts. In this Normandy blessed by Mother Nature, the light, the water, the gentle climate and the rich countryside provide the perfect ingredients for the art of gardening.

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20 results

In the Eure, explore treasured gardens and mischievous nature producing some startling plant fantasies! Marvel at the avenues and greenhouses developed down the generations by botanists and gardeners. Acting like architects of nature, Normandy’s landscape gardeners are proud to welcome you to their unique parks and gardens. Walking around them, make the most of discovering the historic monuments often closely linked with these green spaces, such as châteaux, manors and abbeys around the Eure located side by side, say, with beautiful terraces or shaded fountains.

Going from medieval vegetable gardens to formal French Renaissance ones, via the arboretums of Harcourt, Conches and Lyons-la-Forêt, learn to identify the remarkable plants and trees that thrive in the Eure’s gardens. Discover varieties of forgetten flowers and vegetables now growing in the kitchen gardens of these exceptional Normandy sites.

In classic gardens and contemporary ones, we cherish the heritage handed down by our ancestors.  Thanks to guided tours and many public events, you can learn the secrets of these green spaces where trees and flowers flourish. Head to the Eure’s gardens to recharge your batteries and to enjoy a refreshing pause in them on a weekend visit. Come and appreciate Normandy’s rich greenery close up, getting to know all about the art of botany here.