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Are you passionate about the animal kingdom, unspoilt nature and biodiversity? In the Eure, our animal and zoological parks can bring a lot of pleasure to all the family. Young and old alike will look on, wide-eyed, at amazing animal species from every continent!

At Val-de-Reuil, discover the extraordinary universe of Biotropica and its animal gardens. Overseeing several significant births every year, the team in charge of the wildlife at this zoological park strives to help preserve endangered species and reintroduce them into the wild. As soon as you enter the park and across its ten hectares, you’ll find enclosures laid out to meet the animals’ needs in the best way possible and wide-open spaces where certain species can live with a degree of freedom. Head out to meet some of the place’s 1,300 hairy, feathery or scaly boarders. In the tropical greenhouse, you’ll feel transported to a different world. Here, there’s an exotic atmosphere where unusual species such as pig-nosed turtles and cotton-top tamarins welcome you!

Make the most of the opportunity to get as close as possible to certain animals in the aviary, with its rainbow lorikeets and parrots that won’t hesitate to sit on your shoulder! Outside, in the Asian Garden and Australian Bush sections, it’s hard to resist the gentleness of the red pandas and the craziness of the kangaroos. In the African Bush section, feel whisked away on a mini-safari heading out to see meercats and the Sudanese cheetah. Your little ones will be thrilled to find themselves right among the animals at the miniature farm, where the goats in particular love being stroked. In all, there are 140 different species from right across the planet to be found around the park, a marvel for young and old alike. If your children like the idea of becoming an animal keeper, the park can organise for them to follow teams on their daily rounds! On the programme: preparing meals and feeding the animals; cleaning their enclosures; animal observation; and more. Such an experience will enrich your children’s holidays and leave them with lots of memories.

Close to Biotropica, Anymania is midway between an educational farm, an animal park and an animal sanctuary. This place provides a home for many abandoned animals or animals in need of special care, including horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, goats and even llamas and alpacas. Year-round, a team of animal carers and passionate volunteers strive to make life easier for their boarders. Open every day during French school holidays, Anymania also puts on playful workshops involving maybe taking horses for a walk, feeding the animals, understanding bee-keeping, taking part in the milking, or making bread and butter!

One thing is certain – our animal parks will prove a hit with all the family. Filling visitors with wonder, in these places you can encounter up close anything from farm animals to endangered species.