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Looking for somewhere to practise your aerobatics in Normandy? Or at least a place to try your hand at an air sport in the Eure? Enjoy high-octane experiences flying over the Eure’s landscapes. Discover the delights of taking off, flying and piloting a plane during a weekend break in Normandy. The Eure’s aerodromes could provide you with a unique experience, a chance for your first-ever flight in a small plane, gliding over our valleys, with views from on high of the Seine’s great meanders through Normandy.

6 results


6 results

Look into the varied types of air sports on offer in the Eure, with the likes of micro-lights, helicopters, hang-gliding, gliders and more. Make the most of our sites for taking off and landing to experience new sensations, maybe aboard a two-seater plane, with an instructor. Offer an original gift to a loved one, allowing them to fly in or even pilot a light aircraft. Learning to fly a plane, an introduction to flying, or perfecting your flying skills are activities you can enjoy in Normandy… depending on the weather conditions. If you’ve always dreamt of flying in a small plane, of learning the secrets of aviation and the skies, book now for one of our introductory flying experiences, allowing you to take to the skies in complete safety. An instructor will accompany you in this new leisure activity for a specific number of hours of training.

If you don’t suffer from vertigo, sign up for a paragliding trip, enjoying exhilarating sensations. A two-person paraglider is perfect for learning to fly like a bird, gliding over remarkable sites with an accredited instructor. Or take to the skies by hang-gliding, enjoying vast views over the Seine Valley, which forms such a clear path seen from on high.

So, you’ll have understood, the Eure invites you to go from a flight-simulator to a real cockpit in the great outdoors! Jump at the chance of hang-gliding in Normandy, or take advantage of perfect weather conditions to learn to pilot a plane, pass your test for flying a micro-light or discover other unusual activities for taking to the air. Reach for the skies in the Eure!