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Find out about where to go angling in the Eure. Between Paris and the sea, Normandy is a welcoming place to practise this fresh-water sport. If you enjoy trying your hand at various forms of angling, come to stay in our beautiful region. The Eure welcomes many keen anglers every year to its numerous sites, making the most of their peaceful waters.

Whether practising cast fishing, bait fishing, reel fishing, fly fishing or trolling, anglers use a number of methods along our waterways. The wealth of fish in the Eure’s rivers, lakes and other bodies of water is recognised by the French national angling federation. Fish for trout and grayling along the Eure’s verdant valleys, or why not try no-kill catfish angling from aboard a boat in the Seine. Or then, consider night-fishing for carp in the Risle and Eure Rivers. As you’ll see, there are many types of angling you can go for in the Eure. You can also learn how to fish via workshops or lessons given by associations accredited by the Eure angling federation on specific dates.

Note that you do require a fishing permit to go angling in the Eure. The federation’s guide to angling gives details on types of permit, their cost and how to buy them. In this document, you can find the various species of fish present in our rivers and lakes. The best spots for fishing are listed. To fish in an environmentally friendly manner, practise no-kill fishing; once the fish caught, just release it back into the water.

If coming to fish in Normandy, it is essential that you respect regulated areas and opening periods laid down by county decree (arrêté préfectoral). Across the Eure, there are fish farms that welcome visitors year-round, their waters fed by kilometres of rivers. They offer numerous facilities, including picnic areas with barbecueing equipment and even play areas for children, as well as advice.

Whether you’re an amateur or seasoned angler, the county of Eure provides exceptional fresh-water fishing opportunities. Enjoy the simple pleasures involved in angling – peace, harmony with nature, a zen feeling in the midst of the Normandy countryside!

Spend a day fishing in the Eure, or a weekend fishing with friends, experiencing memorable moments in the heart of unspoilt countryside. Here you can find the list of fishing sites and fish farms in Normandy.