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If you enjoy exciting sports, then Normandy will suit you down to the ground… and up onto the cliffs and into the trees! Whether for climbing, rock climbing or racing along a zip-wire, choose the Eure to enjoy thrills in the countryside. On a weekend with friends or for a family break, discover Normandy’s tree-top assault courses, rock climbing walls and outdoor leisure parks. Or take in the fresh air right in the midst of a Normandy forest! Our activities and attractions welcome you in friendly surrounds, taking you away from it all. Are you the adventurous type? Then enjoy, completely safely, the Eure’s tree-top assault courses and adventure parks.

10 results


10 results

Tackling a tree-top assault course with all the family makes for a fun experience and quite a change of scene! Such courses in the Eure are easily accessible. These trails take you several metres up into the trees, completely safely, assisted by harnesses, straps, clasps and walkways. You advance from tree to tree almost like squirrels in the Normandy forests! Suspended in the air, you’ll feel like you’re touching the tree-tops as you swing among the branches. Taking zip-wires, you move from one section of the course to another. Several of these centres in the Eure also have artificial climbing walls adapted to different levels, from adults and teenagers to children. With all the family, also make the most of further leisure activities on offer having completed a course, such as playing with giant cubes or taking swan dives into giant nets…

On a weekend break in the dramatic natural setting of the Seine Valley, discover the best spots for rock climbing in the Eure, such as the major trail at Amfreville-sous-les-Monts, near the Base de Loisirs de Léry-Poses, an outdoor leisure centre. Rock climbing is accessible to most. Various Seine Valley trails in the county of Eure enable enthusiasts to scale the riverside cliffs over a fair distance. If new to the sport, enjoy the excitement of learning to climb in a special venue, taught by a guide. The atmosphere is good, with novices warmly welcomed and given clear instructions by local experts.

You’ll have realised – experiencing thrills while having fun is very easy to do in the Eure. For a complete change of scene combined with excitement, it’s hard to beat a forest adventure. Rock climbing and tree-top assault courses count among many activities to enjoy in the Eure.

Every year, adventure park organisers around the county do their utmost to create new trails and surprising new leisure activities. Choose Normandy for your next holidays to experience a new adventure every day. Break with routine and enjoy your stay in the Eure to the full!