Experience the freedom of climbing in the largest climbing area in the Eure Department and enjoy a view over the river Seine and Les Andelys.

The Val Saint Martin is a sport climbing site that mostly faces south. Located on the vertical cliff faces along the Seine valley, the site has only been recently run as a climbing site. The 136 routes, spread over 15 areas are graded 3 to 6c and require a rope of 30, 40, 50 or 60 metres long. Eastern cliff GPS coordinates: N49°15'07'4 E01°23'03.0'' and western cliff GPS coordinates: N49°15'07.8'' E01°22'58.8''.

For further information, please read the guide "Climbing in the Eure" published by the French federation of mountain and climbing sports (FFME) available on their website and in bookshops in the Eure.



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