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Before leaving

Going on vacation, weekends or short breaks is always a great moment of joy filled with rituals. The preparation of suitcases or bags, the picnic to organize, the car to fill in a “Tétris” style and the road, sometimes long or short, but always promising getaways.


Direction Eure in Normandy

Once the accommodation keys are in our pocket, we all ask ourselves the same question. As a tourist. What are we going to do ? What to visit? What riches can we discover in this Department of Eure. A name with which you wanted to achieve verbal and humorous prowess the moment you crossed the gates of the Eure through the Seine Valley  : “We arrived at the Eure”, “You n’ you don’t have the Eure”, “before the Eure it is not the Eure”. It’s tempting and we ourselves at the tourist development agency have given in and not just once.


Where is the good Eure?

To answer all these questions, you have gleaned some tourist information here and there, you have downloaded several brochures, or even you have acquired a tourist guide . Yet whether you are in Vernon, Evreux , Les Andelys, Lyons-la-Forêt , Pont-Audemer, Bernay , Verneuil d’Avre and Iton, Louviers or Givernyan irresistible force pushes you towards the historic center in search of the famous panel adorned with a red I on a blue background. This salutary beacon which will allow you to find yourself in all this tourist offer: the tourist office, the tourist office, the tourist information office. Call it what you want, as long as it suits you.


The office yes, but touristic

Once through the door, treasure ark atmosphere. Brochures galore, ideas for outings, flyers for tourist or heritage sites, promotional films, guided tours, a shop full of local products. You no longer know where to turn when faced with all the tourist activities offered by Eure in Normandy.

Don’t panic, behind the counter is a receptionist, an office manager or a director. Tourism professionals who know the local tourist offer and its service providers inside out. They will listen to you and according to your expectations will direct you to a Historic Monument, a treasure hunt, an elegant vestige, a cultural heritage or a natural park. A walk nestled in a green valley or leisure and outdoor activities. You will leave confident, happy and reassured with your hands full of tips. Your vacation can really begin.


French tourist offices

Tourist reception in France is governed by the tourism code, which assigns to the Regions, Departments, Communities of Communes or Agglomerations competences and missions in terms of tourism.

Thus in Normandy, tourism is divided between the Regional Tourism Committee(Normandy tourism), the 5 Norman departments and their departmental tourism committee and the “agglos” which have local tourist offices, or reception office or tourist office. Associative, public industrial and commercial establishment, in management or in SPL, but always intermunicipal several statutes exist, but certain missions remain the same. Reception, providing practical information on leisure activities, places to visit, opening hours and the promotion of tourism. A TO can also animate its territory, evaluate the frequentation of tourist sites to feed the departmental and regional observatory and finally work for the good tourist development of its territory (tourist plan, tourist projects).

Tourist office can also take charge of marketing by creating tourist products or by offering a point of sale such as ticketing.

The Tourist Office is the essential local player for the general public and tourism professionals. It is also a privileged partner of destinations and in the Eure of the tourist development agency.