In Normandy, visit Conches, the capital town of the Pays d’Ouche.
The charm of the Pays de Conches comes from its diversity: green pastures, large dark woods, plateaus and pleasant valleys. Located in the eastern part of the Pays d'Ouche, Conches attracts and keeps visitors. Its keep, its 15th century half-timbered houses, its former abbey with its vaulted cellars, the 16th century stained-glass windows of St Foy Church, etc. are all part of the town's significant historical heritage. The town is lively thanks to a rich and varied cultural life that gives pride of place to culture with its museums, exhibitions, performances, etc. The "Maison des Arts et du Tourisme" (House of Art and Tourism) holds numerous exhibitions every year (visual arts, photography, sculpture). On the ground floor, there is the Tourist Information Centre whose role is to welcome and inform visitors, organize activities and develop the tourism resources of the local area.




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