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Come on a shopping spree in the Eure! With friends or all the family, make the most of our fine shops and local boutiques on a weekend break in Normandy. Admire the shopping streets and quarters in our towns and villages. If shopping centres appeal to you because of  the variety they offer, then why not choose a city break in Evreux.

Antiques, art galleries and second-hand or junk shops

Make the Eure a shopping destination for your next weekend break. Discover the best places in which to hunt for antiques, works of art and decorative […]

Delicatessens and wine merchants

Looking for a delicatessen in the Eure? Or a wine merchant for your next weekend break in Normandy? Consult our list of delicatessens and wine […]

Delicatessens and wine merchants

Looking for a delicatessen in Eure? A wine merchant in the Eure during your next weekend in Normandy? Find the list of delicatessens and wine […]

Organic and vegetarian produce in the Eure

Looking to eat good, organic produce in the Eure? Or to find out where to buy organic produce in Normandy? The Eure’s lands are made for practising […]

Sweet and savoury treats

Feeling peckish? Unsure whether to go for something sweet or savoury? Consult our list of shops and delicatessens offering fine local products, be […]

Gift shops and decorative items in the Eure

On a weekend away in the Eure in Normandy, treat yourself to a gift to take home with you, picking up an item in one of the Eure’s gift shops or […]

Regional produce

Discover the Eure through its regional produce. Taste the delights of apples in all their forms. As regards sweet treats, try autumn compotes or jams […]

Sale at the farm

Consuming local is consuming well! The adage of Farm Sale is a direct sale of local products. Share the know-how of Eure farmers. Savor local […]

Across the year, the boutiques and galleries here offer good deals, reductions or sales on big fashion brands. Explore the small, independent shops in the historic centre of Evreux, in the pedestrian areas beside the Iton River. From specialist food shops to more secretive establishments, the Eure’s capital welcomes you warmly for a cheerful shopping experience.

You may be amazed by how much tempting window shopping and how many shopping surprises you can enjoy in the Normandy countryside. The Eure is a great destination for a country break during which to explore a wide range of independent shops. Some hybrid spaces offer a fascinating mix of shopping and art. The Eure’s villages are there for you to browse around at your leisure, proposing a wide array of items to please all tastes! Second-hand antiques shops, art galleries and antiques shops enable you to seek out rare items for your interior decoration. And find out about confidential little fashion addresses to dig out among friends!

There are many possibilities for food shopping too. Local producers and delicatessens are here for you in Normandy, whether you’re after sweet or savoury treats. Be tempted by our beautiful boutiques selling fresh produce and those specialist little food shops on a street corner happy to advise you about stocking up on high-quality ingredients.

Finding good deals in the Eure

Seek out good deals in the Eure! Many of our shops and shopkeepers put on interesting offers. In jewellers’, perfumeries, fashion boutiques, even bookshops… you’ll find international brands and names on sale in the shopping malls in Vernon, Evreux or Louviers. Organise a day’s shopping to pamper your children, family or partner with gifts.

Did you know? Some Normandy farms produce cosmetics using local organic ingredients. From snail slime to saffron and other natural ingredients, such surprising elements are transformed to make ‘‘slow’’ cosmetics products. Many of our shops also display sustainably produced items to buy as gifts.

Numerous local shops and outlets put together food hampers. You can do your shopping while supporting local producers, consuming local produce, buying direct. A particular delight of going shopping is eating well at the same time! You might find that special little boutique in a village shopping street or in a town’s shopping quarter right beside the market… Put your diet on hold while you’re in Normandy! Out shopping, stock up for your weekend meals. Also look out for organic and vegetarian sections now available in many shops around the Eure.