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Discover the Eure through its regional produce. Taste the delights of apples in all their forms. As regards sweet treats, try autumn compotes or jams packed with the flavours of our Normandy orchards. In our boulangeries, pâtisseries and tea rooms, sample a Normandy tart or an apple turnover. In bottled form, try local pressed organic or farm apple juice.

Moving on to alcoholic apple options, what about an AOC cider as a summer aperitif or even an AOC pommeau, a mix of apple juice and apple brandy. For something more original, go for a rosé cider or an ice cider, innovative products to try out on your guests. As to a fine AOC calvados, maybe use it to impress in a flambéed dessert, or as a palate cleanser, or then as a simple digestif… sampling it in moderation, of course! Other regional alcoholic specialities include Normandy whisky and Normandy beers, the latter produced in quite some number in the Eure nowadays.

A weekend in Normandy means gastronomy! Our producers work hard through the seasons to make sure you can get fresh, delicious produce year-round. The notion of a Normandy without raw-milk cheeses is as preposterous as that of a Normandy without Monet’s Giverny! Neufchâtel, Camembert, Pont-L’Êveque and Livarot may be the names of places in Normandy, but they’re equally well known as the names of famous Normandy fromages. Appreciate their unique country flavours with a piece of fresh bread, in a rich sauce, or in a salad. Normandy makes a lot of unique dairy products or dairy-based produce. Crème fraîche, butter, salted caramel and local ice creams count among the main Normandy dairy specialities you’ll find in the Eure. Our cows are talented… and our producers turn their produce into delicious delights!

The Eure produces many dishes that mean you can easily consume local produce on your next holidays here. Locally-sourced beef, lamb, poultry, duck and fresh-water fish can be savoured in our fine restaurants, a treat for the taste buds, for you, friends and the family, and often accompanied by fresh local veg, or even apples. Other tasty regionally prepared dishes, such as pâtés, be they terrines or rillettes, or even foie gras, if that’s your thing, can be found in our delicatessens and fine shops too.

The Eure is a generous, foodie county. Our Normandy specialities reflect centuries of know-how, simple pleasures and authentic traditions.