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Interested in finding places at which to eat tasty little dishes on the go, without fuss, at affordable prices, be they traditional, original or trendy, but always using local, good-quality produce? In the Eure in Normandy, our food trucks and other forms of mobile eateries come in all shapes and sizes, their fast-food street food capable of satisfying both foodies and those who simply like their nosh!

There’s no disputing the fact that Normandy regional produce is much loved, both for its richness, its incredible variety, its high quality and its authenticity. Think fresh fish, seafood and other delicacies from the sea or our rivers; the world-renowned array of cheeses made from fine Normandy milk; the tasty local meat and poultry; the abundance of fruit and veg on offer, including apples, transformed into delicious desserts or then apple juice, cidre or cavaldos (apple brandy)…

So, yes, when in the Eure, as across the rest of Normandy, whenever the occasion arises, enjoy tasting and savouring local produce, perhaps in a restaurant serving traditional or more original cuisine, in a chef’s contemporary or surprising dishes, on the terrace of a regional bistrot, in a country inn, or at an elegant gastronomic waterside venue… Also have fun filling your basket with produce from local market stalls and, once home, donning your chef’s hat to concoct a fancy dish, satisfying the taste buds of your little ones or your dinner guests, showing off your culinary skills.

What a pleasure, also, in daily life, at lunch, over the weekend, or during the holidays, perhaps to break up a walk, in the midst of a shopping trip, or having seen an exhibition or concert, when you don’t feel like cooking or you’d like to spend a couple of hours more with friends, to head to a food truck to savour new forms of cooking!

Food trucks? What are they exactly?

An ambulant or mobile restaurant. The idea came from the USA and has attracted quite a number to try their hand at being a different kind of restaurateur or chef. Appealing gourmet vans, often bright and cheerful on the outside, are popping up in town and in the countryside, their owners plying their trade by proposing a friendly alternative to traditional restaurants while appealing to foodies with the quality of their fast food.

Sampling dishes on the go from the Eure’s food trucks, relish street food made using local produce, enjoying these mobile eateries, these veritable ambulant, gourmet, craft canteens, to discover Normandy gastronomy in a relaxed, original manner. It’s a different way of eating, more akin to snacking, tasting a cuisine of the moment, resolutely changing with the times. Try delicious little home-made – or should one say ‘van-made’! – dishes rustled up rapidly, using fresh produce, putting short supply chains to the fore, focusing on seasonal produce provided by local producers, always with quality in mind. All this at reasonable price, meaning such eating out proves gentle on the pocket, while the atmosphere is warm and friendly, encouraging customers to chat while waiting for their orders.

Be it for a dish of the day, a lunch menu including main course and dessert, with drinks included or not, to eat on the spot or to take away, hot or cold… there are many options to choose from. We’re sure you’ll find something to please everyone. The choices are varied, which means you can enjoy many delights and different flavours.

Chalked up on the board, you may find burgers made from 100% fresh meat, served in bread from a local boulangerie, with home-made chips produced from Normandy potatoes… or American-style sandwiches, tasty, tender, freshly-baked bagels, home-made soups, savoury or sweet tarts, dishes demonstrating world cuisine, for example Thai flavours, mobile rotisserie-cooked meats, gourmet pizzas made using fresh produce, Normandiflette (a lighter type of pizza topped with traditional Normandy ingredients)… One of our most renowned chefs has even decided to join the joyous, creative game, democratising Michelin-starred cuisine with high-end recipes at gentle prices thanks to his gastronomic food truck; think wraps containing farm-reared chicken, smoked fish or 100% veggie ingredients, along with home-made puddings that melt in the mouth, all to be enjoyed without moderation!

Booking a food truck in the Eure for a private party is also a possibility, by prior reservation. It’s a very trendy idea for making a birthday party, corporate event or friends’ reunion memorable, booking one of these unusual gastronomic mobile vans!

So, don’t hesitate, put in your order. Consider different menus and culinary horizons! Adopt the food truck philosophy. Frequenting mobile food trucks around the Eure will leave you licking your fingers! Discover the many possibilities for making the most of such eateries during your holidays.