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Discover vegetarian cuisine in the Eure. If you want to eat less meat for dietary reasons or against animal exploitation, Normandy has many addresses offering vegetarian recipes and menus. Push the door of a restaurant where meat consumption is responsible to enjoy a vegetarian menu. Let yourself be surprised by the vegetarian recipes based on cereals and fresh vegetables. Eure has beautiful tables where eating vegetarian is very easy: vegetarian recipe, raw vegetables, gratins, pies…

Come and treat your taste buds with seasonal products: cabbage, celery, beets, zucchini, lentils, sunflower oil, broccoli, leeks, vegetable dumplings. Taste good dishes based on Norman fruits and vegetables, vegetable broth. Discover another way to eat without meat thanks to our world cuisine addresses and their specialties: hummus, Asian broth, Indian curry, bulgur… an original way to start a vegetarian diet during your next vacation. Being a vegetarian also means enjoying tasty vegetable cuisine. Succumb to our delicious and gourmet recipes with products of French and local origin. If you want to eat vegan in the Eure, discover special vegetable cuisine addresses. vegetarian or vegan, many cooking recipes exist in classic restaurants. Fill up on vitamins and nutrients in vegetarian restaurants, in addresses offering “vegetarian friendly menus”. Come and taste the best recipes with seasonal vegetables in soup, in salads, in stuffed pancakes. Find a vegetarian restaurant in the Eure cooking vegetarian dishes or vegetarian alternatives.

Are you looking for a vegan restaurant in Normandy? Take advantage of our addresses with a vegan diet, vegan cuisine with original and fresh recipe ideas. For a vegetarian meal, to eat differently, choose Eure for your next vacation in France. Becoming a vegetarian is not a fashion effect, it is a way of preserving gastronomy where dishes of animal origin, sometimes unknown, are still present in France. Gourmet, veggie, vegetarian, there is something for everyone in the Eure! Our products in the short supply chain guarantee you quality nutritional intake, the vegetable proteins necessary to take full advantage of the many activities in Normandy!