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The Eure is a gourmet and tasty destination. The restaurateurs work constantly with local producers to serve dishes based on fresh products throughout the seasons. Do you have the soul of a chef in the kitchen? You are greedy and want to concoct good meals? You don’t know how to cook an egg and want to impress the gallery during your next family meal? This selection of cooking lessons and courses in the Eure is made for you! With a hat on your head, apron in place, push open the door of a restaurant’s kitchen and go behind the scenes of the chef and his team.

7 results


7 results

In a small group or solo, the chef will share with you the good gestures from the choice of local products to the preparation of the plates. Learn how to peel, spread, set aside, brown Norman regional products as they should be. The chef will give you the secrets and tips of his cooking. Let yourself be tempted by the friendly atmosphere of a restaurant in the Eure. You will be surprised by an inventive but traditional cuisine, respectful of short circuits and “local consumption”. These culinary workshops will allow you to learn how to cook in a unique setting and to enter the daily life of a good table in the Eure. Enjoy a restaurant located in a beautiful residence, a farmhouse, a typical Normandy mansion. Sweet or savory, the simmered dishes will be a great excuse to taste fresh and local products. From appetizer to dessert, each dish will be prepared with care and pedagogy. Enliven the taste buds of your guests during your next family meal. During a weekend in Normandy,take advantage of a cooking class close to your residence. Book now your internship with a chef in the kitchen of his charming restaurant. Our beautiful addresses are waiting for you and your passion for good food!

If you like to cook, if you want to learn how to cook, push the door of a cooking class in the Eure. After a few simple recipes, you will be a real cordon bleu mastering the best culinary techniques. Discover a range of cooking workshops for children and for beginners. Try a pastry class to learn how to make desserts, original sweet preparations. Enliven the taste buds of your gourmet friends with a home cooking class. Come improve your skills with a chef by putting your hands in the dough with good humor. Lift the veil on new flavors, on French cuisine as gourmet as it is subtle.

During a weekend in Normandy, learn new recipes in a culinary workshop with a chef to learn how to cook and make gourmet cuisine!