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Norman journeys rhyme with gourmet pleasures. Over the seasons, the Eure unveils its local products. The opportunity to savor the local products promoted by the restaurants of the most beautiful villages in France. Come and taste original flavors with food and wine pairings in a restaurant, at a wine merchant or a Norman producer.

Food shops

Find a food shop in the Eure for unique local flavors. Eure is a land of local producers. Artisans and farmers work throughout the seasons to […]

Where to taste Normandy specialities?

The Eure is a land in which to enjoy culinary pleasures. Make the most of your holidays in Normandy to taste our regional produce, from butter and […]

Farm-gate sales in the Eure

Eating locally means eating well! The principle of farm-gate sales is to sell local produce directly to consumers. Share in the know-how of our Eure […]

Cooking lessons and workshops

The Eure is a gourmet and tasty destination. The restaurateurs work constantly with local producers to serve dishes based on fresh products […]

Many tastings are organized to link French cuisine with flavors from around the world. The delicatessens and shops of Eure offer you to find on their stalls seasonal products, recipes worked by the know-how of local producers. This local cuisine, often gourmet, is easily accessible and will delight your guests during your holidays: cheeses, duck confit, poultry, veal, vegetables worked from the garden.

Discover the list of the best restaurants and good tables in the Eure offering Norman specialties on the menu of their restaurant. Let yourself be surprised by the refined and inventive cuisine of Normandy’s gourmet restaurants. If you are a gourmet and want to work with these quality products with finesse, cooking workshops are offered in large tables and in many gourmet restaurants. Discovering a restaurant also means understanding the soul of the cook and his team. Supervised by a chef, you will learn the culinary secrets of their dishes to steer the taste buds of your future guests or during your next romantic dinner.

As you will have understood, the Eure offers a varied gastronomic offer of tastings that are waiting for you.

Reservations for tastings and cooking workshops in the Eure

Find a selection of restaurants and tables offering tasting and cooking workshops. On reservation, availabilities are accessible simply and in real time.