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Find a food shop in the Eure for unique local flavors. Eure is a land of local producers. Artisans and farmers work throughout the seasons to enhance the products that smell good of Normandy.

Find regional products in the food shops of the Eure. The shops and businesses of the Eure offer you fresh and traditional products. Visit a bakery, a butcher, a charcuterie, a market gardener to discover the excellence of Euro producers. Savor a beautiful Norman tart, a salted butter caramel biscuit, in short, sweet pleasures that will remind you of the orchards of Normandy.

Enhance your dishes or your tables during a family weekend with exquisite dishes. Surprise your guests with a new recipe thanks to these good local products. Make the most gourmet happy by choosing from a wide range of Norman vegetables, fruits and meats. You will inevitably find this special bread to sublimate a Normandy PDO cheese in a bakery in the Eure. Enjoy tasty dishes at a charcutier-caterer during a family weekend. Work on a dish in sauce with fresh mushrooms in the fall: porcini mushrooms, trumpets de la mot, button mushrooms… Taste the experience of a beautiful sauce with fresh cream from Normandy to accompany free-range poultry. The food trades are the pride of France, a unique know-how that allows you to enhance quality dishes every day. Share unforgettable moments thanks to the authenticity of the flavors of Norman products. Discover local local products. Eure is gourmet, our beautiful addresses are just waiting for you to share the simple pleasures of life during your next vacation in Normandy.

Take advantage of quality local shops in the Eure: butchers and delicatessens, bakeries and pastry shops, caterers and food shops. Find shops and services near the seasonal markets for your holidays. Push the door of our grocery stores and caterers to savor good cooked meals. Find the famous Norman cheeses in an artisanal cheese dairy or in a retail store. The Department of Eure is a gourmet land where craftsmanship is still very present. Support small businesses, traders and artisans by consuming locally in Normandy!