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Discover the Eure through nature. Normandy is a green destination to explore on a weekend break or more. Enjoy an ecological time here, making the most of our major natural spaces – woods, state forests, valleys and limestone cliffs. These natural spaces are ideal for walks, hiking and cycling.

Take advantage of your freedom to rediscover nature, looking out for local flora and fauna. You’ll find forests are all around in the Eure, with almost 23% of our county covered in woods. Note how extensive the forests are along our valleys too. In spring and autumn, our forests put on quite a display of colour. And you can easily find a forest trail, hiking path or cycle route for a family outing and to enjoy natural surroundings that take you away from the stresses of modern life.

In autumn, you might appreciate a walk in the woods picking edible mushrooms. Who knows, you might spot a stag, king of the forest, famed for his mating call. Embark on a mini-adventure on foot or by bike, exploring our forests and other natural sites. The Eure proves full of surprises. Experience walks around our typical Normandy villages with their thatched and timber-frame houses, falling for their charm. Explore Normandy’s lush countryside with family or friends, enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Book now for your holidays in France’s forests and more specifically those in the Eure in Normandy. Nature in the Eure did of course famously inspire the Impressionist masters. Admire our unique landscapes and give free rein to your imagination to refresh your ideas during a well-deserved escape.