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The Eure is a land in which to enjoy culinary pleasures. Make the most of your holidays in Normandy to taste our regional produce, from butter and crème fraîche to black pudding and Vire chitterling sausage, via Camembert de Normandie and Pont-L’Evêque cheese. Sample our special sweeter treats too, such as apple tarts, apple juice, sablé biscuits and perry. Other drinks to savour include Normandy cider from our orchards, pommeau de Normandie (a mix of apple juice and calvados apple brandy), or calvados apple brandy, perhaps as a palate cleanser during a gastronomic meal!

24 results


24 results

Further Normandy specialities come from our seas such as shellfish, including scallops and oysters when in season. Stock up on our suitable culinary delights to take home to your kitchen or to offer as gifts to your family. Don’t forget Normandy’s many treats, including our dairy products. Often made with raw milk, but above all produced using local cow’s milk, so many of our traditional French recipes put our dairy products to the fore, not just our Normandy cheeses, but also the likes of yoghurt and ice cream.

On a weekend break in Normandy, what a treat it is to sample typical Normandy cakes and tarts with friends at tea-time. Some of the finest produce you can savour here has been awarded Appellation d’origine contrôlée, or AOP, status, protecting its origins and traditions, and is worthy of featuring in gastronomic restaurant dishes. During a weekend away in the Eure, it’s easy to seek out lovely regional produce. Buying local craft culinary specialities, you can enjoy 100% Normandy products. Our producers are proud of the way they transform Normandy-made ingredients, conserving the region’s culinary heritage. This traditional Normandy cuisine is delicious, full of tasty delights revealing all manner of rich and varied flavours. Discover all the secrets of Normandy’s regional produce and gastronomy. Soon, you could win a quiz focusing on all the seafood, AOP produce and accompaniments to a great Normandy feast!