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Are you looking for artistic internships in the Eure? Find a selection of crafts open to internships to learn the applied arts with pedagogy. The Eure has many craft businesses: cabinet maker, decorator, luthier, visual artist, engraver, potter, upholsterer… There is a wealth of potential artistic training in the Eure. Give free rein to your artistic creation to discover artistic craftsmanship. Develop your artistic know-how through the prism of professions of excellence. Learn the mastery of visual arts thanks to the craftsmen-creators of Eure. Find the list of trades accessible in retraining from the Chamber of Trades and Crafts for business creation.

33 results


33 results

Artists and artisans from Normandy offer courses for creative weekends. Enter the world of craft courses and discover the workshops of local artisans. Test new trades and new methods for adults: cabinetmaking, mosaic, jewellery, ceramics or pottery. Discover the admission and registration processes to book an internship for an artistic practice. Between art and creation, indulge in craftsmanship for personalized training or in small groups. Are you a fine arts lover? Discovering crafts in the decorative arts is close at hand in the Eure! You will be able to evoke the artistic courses of the masters of the art, to understand the intelligence of the hand which transforms their creativity into a work of art.

Improvements exist in small series if you wish to extend your holidays in the Eure with certain restorers or craftsmen. Get in touch now with the professionals of the noble or more rustic trades, sometimes recognized, sometimes unknown but so complementary and essential to Art in France.